birdWooHoo Ministries’ greatest desire is to speak to the saving knowledge of the Lord and specifically address the joy available through Him.

I’m convinced that the adage ‘wisdom comes with age’ was adapted because of a woman. Let’s face it: we have issues!! Our insecurities play a major role in our lives, circumventing the path God designed for us originally. Children arrive, careers blossom, and roadblocks of the world detour us until we slow down and remember a nudge He gave us long ago. And we arrive at that defining moment, and we ask ourselves: “For real? Can I do this? Lord, I’m going to need help.”
 I found myself at those crossroads this past year. The children are grown, I’ve retired from 33 years in the classroom, and the Lord wakes me each morning with a picture of Him in my mind. He is leaning against a door frame with His head tilted and a questioning look in His upraised brows. “Are you ready?” “Let’s go through this door together.” “I believe in you.”

The fear may not dissipate, but his outstretched arm beckons me forward, and we begin together, hand in hand. It’s one step at a time, and I’m no more ready than before, but I’m more trusting. I’ve grown to realize that He’s got my back. Experience had taught me and shown me the multitude of times He has been there. As I step toward Him, I know the journey will be an adventure. And I’m excited! I’m thrilled to share Him with others, and I’m delighted to meet new people along the way.

This website is the first stebirds-on-feeders-Melissa-Penta-570x375p to that end. It is designed to encourage you during your journey. Little snippets to inspire you through your days or tiny trinkets to hold close and rejuvenate you as you struggle. Hopefully, WooHoo Ministries will link you to the Savior and all He has to offer you. May you be blessed by it and grow in your faith and trust of Him.

He loves you.  And in all things, may His name be praised. 


  1. I am so excited to see how God uses your ministry! Praying for you to have discernment and success in your new ministry!

  2. Sister, since I am not on Facebook I only read your introduction to your new ministry here on your website. Praise The Lord for you and taking on his voice in helping to encourage make us laugh and relate as women. Thanks. It is going to be a fantastic ride so buckle up!!

  3. It was great meeting you at Sisters in Christ. I was meant to meet you, hear your message, and become acquainted with Sisters in Christ! I am praying that God may use me in a mighty way…

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